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Balboa Heat Pump (4kW)

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Heat pump
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  • Type of Product: Heat pump
    Manufacturer: Balboa
    Power: Volts: 230
    Hz: 50
    KW: 1.30 
    Amps: Min 2.4 - Max 6.3
    Specifications: Material spec:
    Compatible With: Balboa BP system upgrade 
    Connections & Fixings: Mounted to a base with 4 feet. 1.5 inch blue plastic female sockets to connect to plumbing. Live and neutral connect to the PCB via two spade connectors.
    Dimensions: Length: 800 mm
    Width: 310 mm
    540 mm

    Additional Notes:

    1.Unlike other spa heat pumps on the market, Clim8zone™ functions at low ambient air temperatures (-5ºC) in colder climates

    2.Operates quietly at less than 45dBA

    3.Variable speed compressor with smart algorithm

    4.Fully integrated with the BP Systems and uses the same spa heating pump as the spa's traditional electric element heater

    5. Features a typical energy efficiency (COP) of 5 to 10 times a traditional spa heater and may reach up to 15 times in certain operating conditions, using less energy to keep the water hot, providing smart savings

    6.Allows the spa user to set the spa BP Control System to utilize the Clim8zone™ Heat Pump alone, the spa's traditional Electric Heater alone, or Both simultaneously when necessary