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Balboa Wavezone

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Balboa WaveOzone

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  • Type of Product: Balboa WaveOzone
    Manufacturer: Balboa
    Power: Volts: 230
    Hz: 50/60Hz
    How it Works: AOP is a process that generates hydroxyl radicals for better sanitation power. The hydroxyl radical is not only considered highly reactive, it is the strongest oxidant in the water. When ozone and UV are used in combination together in a reactor chamber, the sanitation power is multiplied. 
    Compatible With: Any Balboa Retrofit System.
    Connections / Fixings: 3/4" Barb water connections.
    Dimensions: Length: 208 mm
    Width: 172 mm
    Depth: 54 mm
    Additional Notes:
    - Electronic UV ballast and ozone power supply
    - US manufactured UV Lamp
    - LED indicator lights
    - Ozone output of 50mg/h
    - Unique design CD ozone cell with solid stainless-steel electrode for exceptional longevity
    - Ozone cells are fully potted with epoxy for complete water ingress protection
    - 316L stainless steel with special heat-treated UV reactor-no degrading-no melting
    - Electrical enclosure is made from galvanized steel with powder coated
    - Super low production and field failure rates
    - Small compact unit requires very minimal room for installation
    - Mounting tabs for easy installations
    - Extra thick/outlet barb to prevent breakage
    - Silicone air filter included