Spa Parts price increase notification

Following on from our letter of January 2021, where we announced an interim price increase, as promised we reviewed our pricing at the end of Q1 and initially resisted applying any further increases, however we can no longer absorb multiple price increases from our supplier base. This is not an action that we undertake lightly but with ongoing record-high transport costs and purchase prices increasing every month we need to pass on some of these increases through our channel partners to the end-user customer base.

With ongoing supply shortages, I appreciate this will not represent great timing but is unfortunately unavoidable if we are to ensure that as the supply chain recovers we maintain order coverage with manufacturers and demand a priority position with them.

To provide some context, during 2021 we have experienced 2 increases from Gecko, 2 from Balboa and a further significant increase from LX in addition to multiple increases from smaller suppliers. We will be increasing prices on all parts by a minimum of 7% and where we have incurred greater individual product price increases, we have also passed those on. This will be implemented on all orders received from 5pm on 17th August.

We are broadening our supplier base with the introduction of DXD and Joyonway and are working on the further development of our Vian ranges and will be introducing more parts specifically manufactured for Vortex thereby managing costs and supplies enabling you to enjoy better pricing and improved margins going forward.

Please be assured that this is not a decision taken without much deliberation and is something we have resisted for a number of months, we very much appreciate your business, we take pride in only selling to trade customers and hope that we can all continue to see growth in 2021/2.