Spa Parts price update

We have consistently taken pride in offering great prices, enabling our customers to generate good margins whilst remaining extremely competitive in the marketplace and have traditionally only applied one price increase a year.

Over 2020 we absorbed significant price increases associated with the challenges our suppliers experienced throughout the entire supply chain in: raw material prices, labour shortages, containerised shipping costs, sourcing new manufacturing capacity, and find ourselves with no option but to pass some of these costs on to the end users.

We will be applying a general across-the-board increase of 6.75% on all new orders received as of 15th January 2021. The exception to this concerns the LX range of products; their pumps and all of the wet ends have had significant supplier price increases and these have been adjusted accordingly while the rest of the range has been increased by 9.75% to take into account the supplier price increase coupled with the crippling costs of containerised freight from China which has seen a 400% increase in costs from its normal levels to a new historic high and without any forecast of a softening of prices. This is an interim increase and we will be reviewing our pricing again towards the end of Q1 once we have further price projections from all of our main suppliers many of whom have recently been applying multiple increases.

Please be assured that this is not a decision taken lightly, it is something we have resisted for a number of months, and we very much appreciate your business, we take pride in only selling to trade customers and hope that we can all continue to see growth in 2021.