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Spa filter cleaning system

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  • Estelle automatic filter cleaner

    Spa filter cleaning system

    Estelle is a unique patented filter cleaning system, designed to clean whirlpool and hot tub filters to perfection in just a flash.

    Easy and done in a flash!

    It works solely on the basis of water power and doesn’t use chemicals which makes it very environmentally-friendly.
    Estelle also consumes about 80% less water than other cleaning methods which doesn’t just save you a lot of water and the cost of new filters, but also helps avoid getting your hands dirty!

    You insert the filter to be cleaned into the appliance, connect it to a tap and turn the tap on. The filter will be perfectly clean within just one minute making it spotless again for more hygienic bathing fun!


    • Cleans filters in no time
    • Works on water pressure alone; no electricity needed
    • Compact, light and easy to store
    • Suitable for practically all spa filters (with the exception of SC757)
    • Long lifespan

    Filter Dimensions

    The Estelle is suitable for all pleated filters with the following dimensions:

    • Inner diameter (diameter hole): 30-80 mm
    • Outer diameter (outside edge of the pleats): 100-250 mm
    • Maximum height if the filter is open on both the top and bottom: 360 mm
    • Maximum height if the filter is only open at the bottom: 300 mm