Benefits of buying from Spa-Plus

  • Access to a complete range of spa products including all of the Leisure Concepts accessories: cover lifts, steps, handrails, umbrellas, and more
  • All products in stock, quick order fulfillment and shipping
  • Drop-shipping service for web shops
  • Competitive prices because we import directly in large quantities
  • No minimum quantity for complete order flexibility
  • Dealer Support - materials to aid in marketing spa accessories
  • Easy ordering by email, phone or fax

Start benefiting now and place your order at Spa-Plus today. We look forward to working with you.


Ordering from Spa-Plus is very easy, and can be done by e-mail, phone or fax.

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Increase your revenue through spa accessory sales

Although the sale of spas is a priority for you as a spa dealer, additional revenue can be generated by offering a wide range of accessories at the time of a spa sale. By cross-selling various spa accessories you not only increase your revenue, but also the enjoyment that your customers receive from their new spa purchase.

As a spa dealer and retailer you provide added value to your customers if they can easily open the spa cover, enter the spa safely and conveniently, place their drink within reach, and keep their towel dry and nearby. And by selling cleaning and maintenance products, you can ensure that your customers will continue to return to you.

Additionally you can capitalize on customers who previously purchased a spa, by offering them the added comforts and convenience of spa accessories they may not have considered previously.