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SpaLine Soft Touch

SPA Line
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box (2 x 2 liter)


Easy spa water care

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  • Soft Touch

    Easy spa water care

    Soft Touch from SPA Line is a two-bottle system to make and maintain spa water clear and free of bacteria. Soft Touch is in itself not a bacteria killer, yet Soft Touch is of great importance in the killing of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

    Soft Touch ensures that bacteria will no longer attach themselves to the edge of the spa or in the tubing by means of a biofilm. When bacteria are no longer attached to the spa, they also cannot multiply. The bacteria are killed by using a UV lamp or Ozonator and using chlorine.

    The biofilm that is created by the bacteria is nothing more than a sticky protective layer which supplies the bacteria with food, warmth and protection. Soft Touch ensures that the bacteria don’t have the opportunity to develop the biofilm. This together with the fact that the bacteria will not attach themselves, ensures that the bacteria will end up in the filters. Subsequently it is necessary to clean the filters intensively once every 3-4 weeks with Spa Cartridge Cleaner. For a quick weekly filter a rinse with Spa Filter Net is sufficient.

    Instructions for use

    It is very important that you clean your spa properly before starting the Spa Water-Care treatment. Old biofilm, calcium and pollution may still be present in the piping system. Use Spa Tube Clean to clean your spa thoroughly from the inside. Refresh the water afterwards for a clean start.

    1. Rinse the filters with clean water. You can use Spa Cartridge Cleaner for a thorough cleaning.
    2. Shake the bottles Spa Water-Care 1 and 2.
    3. Take the measuring cup and add 100 ml bottle 1 for every 1000 litres of water. Add the same amount of bottle 2. Closely observe this amount. There is little point in overdosing as it may cause negative side effects such as murky water.
    4. Turn on all jets and have the pumps operate under full power for one minute.
    5. Place a chlorine tablet in the tray above the filter.
    6. HINT: for an extra powerful cleaning you can use granulated powder. Add one level tablespoon of granulated powder to the water after your bath.
    7. Repeat this process on an weekly basis. It’s a walk in the park, super easy.


    • Soft Touch Spa Water-Care 1 (2 liter)
    • Soft Touch Spa Water-Care 2 (2 liter)
    • Measuring cup