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Weathershield Covers

Weathershield Fabric is a 100% solution-dyed polyester* that offers several benefits over traditional vinyl covers.
Core Covers is the only manufacturer to offer Weathershield spa covers, which is also known as ProLast (Jacuzzi), Sunstrong (Sundance), Duralast (Dimension One) and Patio Performance (Bullfrog / Villeroy & Boch).

Why Weathershield is superior over vinyl:

  • Weathershield is 74% lighter, thereby reducing the overall cover weight by 25%
  • Weathershield is 3x stronger
  • Provides superior tear and abrasion resistance
  • PU backed/waterproof
  • Environmentally superior; made with recyclable materials
  • Weighs 25% less, which puts less weight on cover lifts and makes them easier to handle
  • Higher consumer appeal

Weather-shield covers are also highly resistant to UV, mildew and mold. It's the most common use fabric for demanding outdoor applications such as skiing, camping, hunting, awnings, marine and travel gear.

* Polyester in general is a synthetic fabric that begins as a polymer melt (liquid form). In the solution-dyeing process, the color is added during the liquid stage, prior to being cooled and spun into synthetic fibers. Since the coloring goes through and through and isn't just applied to the surface of the material, the fabric retains its properties more than a stock-dyed fabric would when exposed to intense sunlight and air pollutants.

Weathershield Colours