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Spa Bright

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  • Spa Bright


    • Spa Bright works quickly to turn cloudy water into crystal clear water
    • Keeps the water clear by clumping together small particles that float in the water
    • Regular use ensures the filter will remove the maximum amount of particles from the water thus providing the best water clarity
    • This clarifier is developed especially for hot water treatment


    Use weekly.

    1. Remove the filter.
    2. Turn on the jets.
    3. Add Spa Bright directly to the spa water.
    4. Use 30 ml Spa Bright for spas up to 1000 liters (265 gallons) and 60 ml Spa Bright for spas over 1000 liters.
    5. Let the jets run for a few minutes until water is bright and clear.
    6. Place the filter back in the spa.


    • 1 liter