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SpaLine Margarita Cocktail Spa Essence

SPA Line
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Fruity Fragrant Essences for your hot tub
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  • Margarita Cocktail Spa Essence

    Fruity Fragrant Essences for your hot tub - Different, Very Different

    Intoxicating, exhilarating and relaxing dead sea spa salts proven to be spa safe and oil free.
    It will not clog filters or jets and will not affect water chemistry.


    The ‘Daisy’ translated into Spanish ‘Margarita’ was a popular American drink made with brandy, during prohibition Americans crossed into Mexico where the brandy was replaced with Tequila. Thus the birth in 1936 in Tijuana of one of the Cocktail ‘Greats’: Tequila, triple sec and the juice of half a lime over ice.


    • 550 gr
    • Spa Cocktails are available in 7 different scents


    • Add just 1-2 capfuls whilst pumps are running
    • For external use only - not for human consumption, just for your hot tub